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GW-75W YAG / Diode laser marking machine

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Product Abstract:

YAG metal laser marking machine for makring logo, code 1. Gooch Q switch 2. MFP laser module 3 Rotary system

Product Description

The YAG laser marking machine is used for more than 30 series in automobile industry, like the Body label, oil pressure label, VIN code label, air conditioning label, bar code label, cooling system label, key label, oil tank label, car door label, etc.

1.Good flexibility and adaptability Combine with the spot workstation; accept model, production date, maintenance code, etc of the auto mobile, with the specialized software to convert into plane laser marking output. This can meet fully require of on-line production, especially suitable for the mixed-model assembly line of a few different models.
2. maintenance-free The hardcore adopt imported YAG laser device, with good quality light beam(ground mode output) and long service time of 100000 hours to reach maintenance-free
3.Good anti falsification As the flexible label marking machine is with complicated configuration, and the soft label material on-off type, it is hard to copy. And it can protect the manufacturers’ and customers’ lawful rights and interests
4. Low aggregate cost : For quantity production and enterprises with many different automobile models, no other Consumable is need, uses especially economical
5. Made of Special Material : heat resisting, wear resistant, corrosion proof, repellent, long working life.





Work Area (cm)


Laser Power

75W (Optional)

Laser Pulse Frequency




Min Line Width


Min Character


Marking Speed

300character/min1mm character high 1mm

Marking Depth

 0.3mm                          ≤0.5mm

Repeat Precision


Power Supply


Gross Power


Cooling Style

High precision constant temperature/closed loop water cooling)

Operating Temperature



12 Months

Dimension (cm)


Weight (kg)




YAG laser marking machine for Mobile

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