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20' container machines ready shipping to Thailand
2019-08-09 11:07:20


20' container machines ready shipping to Thailand


GW-1390-2C Yongli 130W laser engraving cutting machine * 2sets;

# Yongli H6 series laser tube (130-150W) that has best laser beam quality;

# LCD digital display laser power supply;

# Taiwan PMI Linear Rail;

# Japan ONK belt + Omron limite switch;

# Ruida RDC 6445G controller;

# S&A CW5000 water chiller;

# 550W exhaust fan + 85W Air compressor;

# Operator protection glasses + User Manual book;

GW-1390 laser cutting machine

1390 laser cutting machine 130W

1390 laser cutting machine controller Ruida 6445G

1390 laser engraving cutting machine parts

1390 laser cutting machine packages1390 laser cutting machine package into container

GW-1325M Woodworking cnc router * 2 sets;

# HQD 3.2KW water cooling spindle;

# Fuling 3.7KW inveter;

# 450B Stepper motor + Leadshine 860H drivers;

# Voltage transfer;

# PVC coverd aluminum table;

# Taiwan HIWIM Linear Rail + Helical Gear Rack;

1325 woodworking cnc router

GW-1325 Woodworking cnc machine router

1325 cnc router spindle

1325 cnc router drivers leadshine

1325 woodworking cnc machine package

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