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How to identify the performance of laser machines?
2018-08-14 15:39:19

How to identify the performance of laser machines?
Recently, a lot of friends complained that the laser machines they bought could not meet their demands. So, how to identify good laser machines or how to compare the performance of different laser machines?
Today, Jack shares with you,what aspect should we focus on when purchasing laser machines?
1. Your own demand
Buying laser machine, no matter it is new or second-hand, the most important standard of selection is whether it can meet your own needs,for example,high power, high speed, can cut through 20mm plywood, the FOB Qingdao price does not exceed USD 70,000.
2. Laser tube
Laser tube is one of the most important and core accessories of laser machines,
For the new machine, the brand is the main point which should be noticed, GODWORKER laser machines often use RECI, YONGLI and EFR, all produced by well-known professional manufacturers.
If purchase the old machine, please inspect the beaming color and cutting performance with full power laser, which helps to know its life length
CO2 glass laser tube life is generally 8,000---10,000 hours, warranty is 10 months.
Testing method: one approach is to see the color of the beam in the laser tube, if the light purple, laser tube is good; if appear white or other colors ,which means the laser tube need change. 
Another method is that running laser tube at the full power, observe the cutting effect, this method need to know what can do with the laser tube at the full power, such as cutting through 12mm acrylic plate, if not, the laser tube need replacing.
3. Focal lens and reflectors
Focal lens and reflectors, the two components directly related to the laser cutting performance.Because it is consumable, so we should see if the mirror is polluted or scratched, especially the focus mirror, because it is installed in the laser head, so don’t forget to check. In addition, the brand of mirrors is also very important, and GODWORKER laser machines usually use II-VI focal lens and reflectors from USA. The performance of reflecting and focusing is better, and their wear resistance is also very excellent.
4. Transmission system
The simplest method is that, ask the highest idle speed of the laser machine, generally around 10,000mm/min. Another testing measure is to make the machine run at the highest idle speed, listening whether any noise or not, if yes, inspect the rail and belt.
Laser machines manufactured by GODWORKER often use PMI Rail from Taiwan and ONK belt from Japan, which are the best match according to our numerous attempts and reflections from our customers.
5. Laser power supply
Laser power supply power of high voltage to the laser tube, easy to aging, which will not supply enough power to the laser tube. Testing method is 100% laser power, inspect if the laser tube can reach the rated power, but we must ensure that the laser tube is good at first.
6. Circuit and control card and panel
See if the wires are aging, short-circuit and leakage phenomenon, and then whether it is clean.
Different customers have different needs, the second-hand laser machines has lower price, suitable for customers lack money or less requirement for machines, but the quality of the second-hand machine is “dragons and fishes jumbled together”, inspect carefully, otherwise buying in a very cheap price, but plus post repair and replaced parts costs, is even more than buying a new one.
Because the second-hand machines generally do not have after-service including training, warranty. if you intend to use for a long time or need high precision, GODWORKER advice you to buy a new machine, after-service and warranty is reliable, of course, if you choose the GODWORKER, that’s better!
Thanks for your reading.
Godworker Team

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