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GW-1800 Acrylic bending machine for advertising

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  • GW-1800 Acrylic bending machine for advertising
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Product Abstract:

1)degree bending 2)CE certificate 3)OEM and ODM services. 4)water container 5)mainly for acrylic

Product Description


It is applied to bend acrylic sheet, organic sheet, resin sheet, PVC and hard plastic etc. It is a necessary machine for advertisement industry, especially useful for mass production.

1. The bending machine helps you to easily and quickly produce different V-shape profile.

2. The bending machine allows to universally adjust internal sizes of the V-Shaped profiles .

3. That allows to avoid time-consuming and cost-intensive adjustment of the bending machine.

4. It can be used to bend components of ACRYLIC, PVC, PMMA, PC, ORGANIC GLASS, RESIN etc.

5. We pay attention to details parts of the machines, therefore our products quality is steady and perfect.

Technical Feature:

1. Digital operation, easy and convenient.

2. Both automatic and manual working status.

3. According to sheet thickness and material characteristic to set heating time, it will bend automatically when it reaches time set in advance.

4. Bending angle is adjustable from 1-179 degree.

5. Adopt special quartz heating tubes, rapid heating speed and long working life.

6. Working voltage is adjustable so to meet different material characteristic and different thickness sheet, avoid buring or destorying material.

7. Worktable and workpiece are cooled by water. When water temperature is over, it will alarm automatically.

8. With function of electrical leakage protection to make sure safe operation.

Specification Sheet:

Model No.


V-shape Angle Range

30-180 degree automatically, 0-30 degree manually

Bending Length


Bending Width


Bending Thickness

8mm directly, thicker sheet can be bent after milling firstly

Heating Tubes Type

Infrared quartz heating tubes

Heating Tube Q'ty

3pcs, radian bending available

Machine Dimension


Net Weight


Rated Voltage


Heaters Q’ty

3pcs, can bend radian

Rated Frequency


Samples display:

Machine parts:

Why do customers choose us?

1. At the same quality grade, our price is better.

2. At the same price level, our service is better.

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