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GW-6090 mini 3d wood carving cnc router ,homemade woodworking machines,cnc router 6090 rack and pinion

  • GW-6090 mini 3d wood carving cnc router ,homemade woodworking machines,cnc router 6090 rack and pinion
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Product Abstract:

1.Spindle:Water-cooling or air-cooling 2.Moter:Stepper or Servo 3.Driver:Stepper or Servo 4.Control System:DSP,Syntec,Mach3 or Ncstudio 5.Transmission System:Screw or Rack gear or rotary axis

Product Description

Main configurations of mini cnc router:

  • Working area: 600*900*200mm;

  • Heavy machine structure;

  • Inaide control box, connected by plug, Anti-interference and easy to connect;

  • 2.2kw HQD water cooling spindle, has good cooling effect and long working life; 4.5kw/5.5kw spindle for optional;

  • All the axis adopted Taiwan HIWIN 20 square linear guide rails;

  • XYZ axis choose high precision TBI double nut ball screw;

  • Big power stepper motor 450A and Leadshine 860H drivers;

  • DSP A11,controller, Ncstudio controller/Mach3 control system for optional;

  • T-slot working table and 8mm PVC cover;

  • Water tank table for cooling tools and materials when cutting metal

  • Manual Oil lubrication system;

  • France Schneider safety switch;

Optional parts:

  • 2.2kw air cooling spindle;

  • Ncstudio/Mach3 control system;

  • Vaccum working table+2.2kw vacuum pump;

  • 3.0kw double bags dust collector;

  • Leadshine hybird servo motor and driver;

  • Rotary, diameter 80/100/150/200mm

Application field of mini cnc router:

  • Furniture industry: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, panel, door and window furniture.

  • Decoration industry: screen, wave board, large wall hanging, advertising board making.

  • Arts and crafts industry: it can engrave exquisite words and patterns on the manmade stone, wood, bamboo, marble, organic board, double color board;

  • Construction industry: ACP(Aluminum Composite Panels), Alubond;

  • Wooden car mat

  • Metalwork: engraving and cutting for aluminium, copper and some other soft metal.

Description&Specifications of mini cnc router:



XYZ working area 


Table size 


XYZ travel positioning accuracy


XYZ repositioning positioning accury




Transmission system X-Y axis

High precision helical gear rack

Transmission system Z axis

Double nut Ball screw

Spindle power


Cooling method

water cooling

Spindle speed


Max velocity


Max working speed


Work mode

Stepper motor


Leadshine driver

Working voltage


Command language

G code


USB  or parallel port

Operating system


Flash memory


Software environment 


Running environment


Packing size


Net weight 


Gross weight


Machine main parts of mini cnc router:

Professional 3 axis control system: DSP A11E, with english surface, easy operation.

Automatic lubrication system makes the daily maintenance of the machine very simple.

Famous brand HQD 2.2kw water cooling spindle, with best cooling effect, spindle wont be hot under 24 hours of continuous work, long working life.

Water cooling circulation system, for cooling tools and materials when cut metal, Extend tool life and reduce the times of tools broken.

Dust protector system for XZ aixs, in case rusting the ball screw and the guide rail by dust and water. 

Best quality 2.2kw Fuling inverter, Low failure rate and long service life。

Big power Leadshine 860H stepper driver for XYZ axis, keep machine with enough strengh and fast working speed.

Double water pumps for machine, one set professional spanner for install tools, two pcs limilted switch for space parts.

Strong plywood case with steel tube for package, protect machine very well during shiping.

Samples show:

mini cnc router cutting copper.jpg

Godworker group will pay attention to every detail parts, to build perfect quality machines by the best quality accessories and technology, your recognition will be the greatest support for us.

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