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Portable CO2 RF laser marking machine Dealer price

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  • Portable CO2 RF laser marking machine Dealer price
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Product Abstract:

Mainly used for nonmetal, Craft gifts, leather garments, advertising signs, model making, food packaging, electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, medicine packaging, printing plate, shell plate etc

Product Description


  1. Small size, light weight, easy movement;

  2. Adopt U.S SYNRAD/COHERENT CO2 RF laser tube which has excellent performance and long service span.

  3. Adopt Sunny/SINO high-speed galvanometer system which has high speed, high precision & stable performance.

  4. Adopt U.S IIVI optics lens, low loss, excellent focalization performance.

Application materials:

Machine is suitable for almost all non-metal materials, including leather, rubber, wood board, bamboo products, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, fabric, plastics, eletronic parts etc. 

Application Industries:

Industries such as crystal , Craft gifts, furniture, leather garments, advertising signs,  automotive, model making, food packaging, electronic components, pharmaceutical packaging, medicine packaging, textile, rubber plate, wood, bamboo products, acrylic plate, plastic, organic glass, tile, marble, jade, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Model GW-10 / 30 / 40 / 55 / 60 / 100C
Laser wavelength 10.6um
Laser power 10W 30W 40W 55W 60W 100W
Laser source brand SYNRAD COHERENT
Laser lifetime 60000 hours
Marking speed 8000mm/s
Laser mode quality M2≤1.2
Rise time <100 usec
Beam diameter 2.5mm ±0.5mm
Beam Divergence (full angle) < 7.0mR
Response time 0.5ms
Mini line width 0.02mm
Mini character 0.15mm
Marking area 100*100mm 200*200mm 300*300mm
Marking format Graphics, Text, Bar Codes, QR Code, Automatically Marking the Date, Batchnumber, Serialnumber,Frequency,etc.
File format bmp,jpg,tga,png,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
Marking depth <5mm ( depend on materials )
Working teperature <40℃
Structure materails Aviation aluminum alloy
Safety protection class IP54
Laser safety class IV class
Working Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Cooling Air cooling (<50W) Water cooling ( ≥50W)
Gross Power 900W
Warranty 2 years
G.W 40kg
Packing Size 915*455*825mm

Samples show:

CO2 laser marking machine samples

Machine details:

Adopt USA Coherent CO2 RF metal tube, pulsed CO2 lasers offering. It has excellent laser beam quality makes for a wide range of nonmetal materials processing applications.

SYNRAD CO2 RF laser tube for marking machine

JCZ Ezcad software, easy cooperating and user-friendly.

laser marking machine software Ezcad

Adopt Sunny or SINO high-speed scanner, it has fast marking speed and the high-quality marking effects.

Digital galvanometer scanner SINO

Adopt IIVI F-theta lens, very good focusing. It standard size is 110*110mm, but 200*200mm, 300*300mm,can be customized  by your materials size or shape.

F-theta lens for CO2 laser marking machine

Beam expander good for laser beam can marking diffierent size materials.

beam expander for CO2 laser marking machine

Cabinet:the largest of which is to power the laser, the medium-sized one is to supply power to the galvanometer, and the smallest is to supply power to the control card.

CO2 RF laser marking machine control box

BJ-JCZ board card has high precision and more working stable.

BJ-JCZ board card

Lifting Hand Wheel,Laser focus distance can be adjusted easily.Operation is simple and convenient.

focus hand wheel for CO2 RF laser engraving machine

Professional protect eyes from laser injure.

Protective glasses

Machine accessories: User Manaul, Ezcad software, Pedal, U disk, Power line, Tools, Rule.

CO2 laser marking machine accessories


mini portable CO2 laser marking machine package

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